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Only $199.00 for the Weekend Workshop
These workshops will include:

  • Heart Math Instruction
  • EFT / Tapping Instruction
  • Yoga / Movement
  • Breathing / Meditation
  • Nutrition / Hydration /Rest Protocols
  • Resilience Training
  • Dream Builder/ Self Empowerment Techniques
  • Fun, Creativity, Relaxation
  • Problem Solving Techniques / Instruction

Weekend Events!

Dates: September 7th and 8th  / October 5th and 6th
Time: 10 am til 5 pm (both days)
Where: Folsom Lake College (Community Center Building)
Address: 10 College Parkway, Folsom, CA. 95630
Parking: $2.00 per day
Ages: Young adults 13-23 years of age (I-Gen)
Parents/Grandparents/Guardians of all ages

Lunch and Snacks provided both days plus backpacks (Toolkits for Life) for the teens & young adult attendees.

  • The workshop is intended for both parents and youth for both days
  • Parent curriculum is presented separately from the teens & young adults
  • If parents and youth cannot attend together, while that would be better, it is ok.
  • No one will be turned away at the April 6th & 7th workshop

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